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Scantron Compatible

Our compatible forms work on your Scantron machines, making scanning assessments cost effective without adding new equipment to your collection.


Apperson Scanners

Ready to retire your current scanner or return your leased machine? We're ready to upgrade your assessment solution on a budget that works for you.

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Apperson Forms

Our proprietary forms are easy to use, available at budget saving prices, and fit easily into every education setting.


Who is Apperson? 

We're a family-owned company that has been improving education for over 25 years. We specialize in assessment forms, scanners, and data and analytic software. Did we mention that we're a fraction of the price of our biggest competitor? That's right! We're proud to offer affordable - and reliable - testing solutions that are geared to meet your needs. We care about teachers and the students, and want to do what we can to aid in the testing process. We're looking forward to having you be a part of our family!